About us

About us


leather_fashion-capieborseinpelle.it_-1we are an  "e commerce"

we offer you the sale

of the best quality leathers

and articles

made of real leather;



Capieborseinpelle is a brand and it belongs

to  Christian D'Urso Leather Agent

through which it makes use of its own



for direct and professional sales 

of all kinds of finished leather 



for over thirty years

of  family tradition ;


We have given to our customers

an added value

for the exclusive use  of our leathers


and with that we are pleased to show you

our articles composed of 


Bags  Jackets  and  Accessories



handcrafted in 




passion and traditions in our working journey,

is what  we want to convey to each customer ,

to satisfy everyone's requests.


we wish you a good stay  

in our electronic shop