Right of withdrawal

Seller Warranty:
The seller guarantees the user, natural person or final consumer, the right to withdraw, for any reason, from the purchase contract, without penalty and without the user giving any explanation, pursuant to the legislative decree (as per art. 6, par. B, Legislative Decree No. 185 dated 22/05/1999).
To whom the right of withdrawal applies:
The right of withdrawal is reserved exclusively for natural persons, who act for purposes not related to the professional activity. Purchases made by retailers or third parties or companies that, for any reason, purchase for resale to third parties are excluded
A) What is the right of withdrawal:
The final final, has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within fourteen(14) days from the receipt of the single goods or more ordered goods. Simply returning to the seller the good or more goods that are subject to withdrawal. The seller undertakes to reimburse the price, including taxes and duties, of the product or more products returned, in the fastest possible time and in any case within thirty days from the date on which the seller has become aware of the right of withdrawal. The reliability and the purchase price have made the purchase cost, the right of withdrawal, more convenient and convenient, and taxes are still guaranteed and legitimately exercised By exercising the right of withdrawal, the final ending is released from the bond with the seller.
B) How the right of withdrawal is exercised:
It is necessary to have the order number, automatically generated by the system and the code (COD) of the product, reported during the purchase phase. Send a signed communication, containing the user's declaration, of wanting to exercise the right of withdrawal, indicating the number of the order to which it refers and the COD of the product. The user can send the signed communication, mentioned above, within twelve days, from receipt of the goods by mail to the following electronic address: info@capieborseinpelle.it. Within a further fifteen days, starting from the date the registered letter is sent, the product subject to withdrawal must be sent. It is not possible to accumulate, in a single communication, the product or products, subject to withdrawal, of different orders. The application of the right of withdrawal is allowed separately for each order and all the products to which the single order refers.


C) Conditions of the right of withdrawal:

The right of withdrawal is bound by the following methods:

The purchased good must be substantially intact and unused;

according to current legislation, shipping costs are the responsibility of the user;

on arrival at our warehouse, the product or products are inspected to assess any damage

or damage (the substantial integrity of the returned goods, is a primary and essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal). Please pay close attention when preparing the package, we recommend using the original packaging.


Technical details for the return of the goods subject to withdrawal and shipping advice:

After having sent all the documentation to the company to exercise the right of withdrawal, it is advisable to take the necessary precautions to safeguard the goods from any damage.

The address to which to return the goods:

Christian D'Urso Leather Agent

Via Misericordia, n. 97

83029 Solofra (Av) -Italy

Tel 0825 581446 - Fax 0825 582711

It is advisable to use a courier for shipping, through which the parcel can be traced at any time. It is understood that the seller does not make any refund of the goods subject to withdrawal, if he does not receive the relative delivery.

Seller's reservation:

In the event of any visible damage to the goods, for whatever nature and entity it is, due to any neglect of the relative precautions by the user or due to other causes of force majeure or damage by the courier, the seller , reserves the right to refuse the return of the goods.

Refund procedure:

With reference to the payment method of the user, the method of reimbursement of the price of the goods is applied, including the VAT tax of 22%, if the tax has been applied during the purchase order.


If the user has chosen the payment method by bank transfer, the seller makes a transfer to the user's bank (in this case, WE RECOMMEND to report and communicate to the seller the bank details, of which the IBAN code is mandatory If you do not have it available and you do not know it, ask the bank to ask for this IBAN code, through which you are asked to receive the refund, directly on your bank account, directly in the name of the user.

If the customer has chosen the method of payment by credit card or paypal, the seller re-credits the amount due directly to the same credit card or to the Paypal account, payable to the user.

If the user has chosen the payment method through the postal bills, or in the case of cash on delivery, by paying the cash to the courier, in these two cases, the user must proceed with the same reimbursement procedure by bank transfer. , please read the instructions in the above space, in the refund by bank transfer section.

The amount to be reimbursed:

The amount that is reimbursed is equal to the total of the order, minus the shipping costs and any cash on delivery charges

Declaration by the final consumer:

Before embarking on any contractual relationship with the seller, regardless of whether via electronic (e-mail, pec), by telephone or by letter or fax, the user declares to have read the rules, conditions, methods and timing of " Right of Withdrawal "made known and formalized in this publication and irrevocably declares to accept them. Alternatively, an invitation to its reading and acceptance will be highlighted during the ordering phase using the electronic form of the website. The conditions of the "Right of Withdrawal" are accepted by the user in full and binding the distance contract. .The partial acceptance does not give effect to the contract itself between the parties.

Changes to the conditions of the right of withdrawal and the legal and commercial aspect:

The rules, conditions, methods and times published on the web page "Right of Withdrawal", may have additions, modifications or cancellations during their validity, also due to any subsequent changes to the rules governing the Italian legislative aspect and will be published on this website page without notice. Also a "double copy of courtesy" of any changes to the "Right of Withdrawal", are published in a new bulletin board, by accessing the "Terms and Conditions" page, or at point "H" of the " Conditions of use ". The new modifications have their exclusive contractual validity starting from the date of publication and in any case not applicable to orders already taken over before the thirty days.

Dispute and territoriality:

For any controversy, the territorial jurisdiction is of the civil judge of the place of residence or domicile of the user (final consumer), if located in the territory of the Italian State.

For any dispute concerning the application, execution, interpretation and violation of the "Right of Withdrawal" is subject to Italian jurisdiction.

The law and the language to which the contract applies is the Italian one

Seller Warranty:

The '' Withdrawal Right '' is guaranteed for exclusive purchases on the website. www. capieborseinpelle.it and not on the ipeprtestuali links or external Links, present within the website itself.

Responsibility: If the user accesses the external links on the website www.capieborseinpelle, it, it is advisable to read the conditions belonging to the address of the web connection to which he is accessing, declining any responsibility to the seller Christian D'Urso Leather Agent, for information and visual content and any transaction, belonging to any nature whatsoever, within the external links visited.