Who is the Sellers ?


Company:         Christian D'Urso Leather Agent

Address:           Via Misericordia n 97 - 83029 Solofra (Av)- Italia

Contacts:            TEL.+ 39/ 330 44 62 82

V.a.t.:              IT 01983160647

Cod-Fisc.:           DRS CRS 68A31I 805B

Rea:                 116022 AV

Assistance           +39 / 330 44 62 82


Orders sent by the customer to the seller are carried out by : 

  • E- mail: info@capieborseinpelle.it ;
  • The order form;
  • The shopping cart in the e-commerce area section;
  • At the  Tel.  +39 /330 44 62 82 

The seller will send an e-email to the customer summarizing the order and the acceptance of itself assigning it  a reference of traceability .

Each order is assigned a numbering that will follow each step of the ordered goods : production, shipping, delivery to the courier , traceability for payments and any other subsequent communication with the seller.

The goods will be shipped after due verification by the seller for the credit of the value to pay for the goods ; shipments start from that date , except for cash on delivery payments.

Orders are processed according to their availability and therefore with: 

1) Immediate Deliveryif the wording " AVAILABALE "  is shown next to the purchasable product ;

In this case the shipments will be consigned to the courier within the same day by 16.00 p.m. 

2) Delayed Delivery ,  if the wording  "BOOKABLE"  is shown next to the product of interest;

In this case the shipments will be consigned to the courier within fifteen (15) working days , excluding Saturdays and Holidays and take a longer production process for the goods.